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We are Québec's exclusive distributors of MIURA Boilers and ancillary products. MIURA Boilers are Canadian manufactured in Brantford, Ontario. More and more North American industries are rapidly discovering the incredible superiority of MIURA technology that was developed many years ago in the Japan marketplace.

MIURA Steam Boilers are a low water content, water tube design - once through, forced circulation, straight tube type, producing full steam in 5 minutes or less.

In Québec, periodic supervision only (1 visit every 24 hours by a 4th class stationary engineman) is required for up to 1 200 h.p. High-pressure steam boiler rooms. (i.e. 4 only MIURA 300 h.p. Boilers producing a total of 40 000 lbs. Steam/hr.)

MIURA water tube boilers have an 85%+ efficiency in both the EX and LX series. MIURA Boilers are compact, environmentally friendly and quiet. They require very little maintenance and are renowned for their ease of operation.

A single compact Miura Boiler is capable of generating substantial output but the true power of MIURA Boilers is realized when multiple units are combined in a Multiple Installation System.

The MIURA Boiler XJ1 Micro Computer Boiler Control System (intelligent steam manager) provides intelligent control over every boiler in the system and the Miura On-Line Maintenance (MOM) system means boiler operators can rest easy knowing their system is monitored around the clock.



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