View Diagram of the Mobile Boiler Room

We provide rental prefabricated package mobile boilr rooms - from 40 h.p. up to 250 h.p. in stock, available for immediate delivery - on a short or long basis - pressure up to 200 psi.

These boilers are enclosed in 48 ft. trailers complete with all accessories and equipment for operation upon connection of services (ie water, electric and steam).

The smaller units are enclosed in portable containers for easy shipment.

Included are condensate return tank with boiler feed water pumps, blow-off tanks, water softeners, oil storage tanks and electric panel ready for hook- up to 575 volt/ 3ph/ 60hz all interconnected and government inspected with "b" installation certificates.

Larger sizes are available on demand

These boiler rooms may be used for emergency or planned shut-down purposes.

References available upon request


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